Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

In 2010, I made the leap from Procter & Gamble to help open up the Cincinnati office of Rockfish. In the process, I went from a company of well over 100,000 employees to one well under 100 employees. Little did I know that it would turn out to be the best decision of my professional career.

But seven years later, I am apparently living proof of the seven year itch in the work place. After seven years at P&G, I made the move to Rockfish. And now after seven amazing years at Rockfish, it is time to make a move again.

At Rockfish, we accomplished more than I ever imagined. The company grew to over 5 times the size of when I joined, we opened offices across the US, worked with some amazing clients, and ultimately sold the business to WPP. It was a hell of a fun ride.

Now it is time for the next journey in my career and for the first time ever, I’m stepping out without knowing exactly what’s next. In college, I accepted my full-time role with P&G early in my senior year just weeks after finishing my summer internship. With Rockfish, I started at the company only two weeks after announcing my departure from P&G. So the feeling of not having a solid plan already lined up is definitely unchartered waters for me.

While I don’t know exactly what next looks like, I do have a few things that I will be focusing on:

  • The reception around Predicting The Turn has exceeded my expectations and I had the opportunity to share the book on-stage at some amazing conferences last year. I am going to continue that, both with conference keynotes as well as private talks to companies. If you are interested in discussing me speaking to your company, please email me at dave@predictingtheturn.com
  • I plan on working with a small group of companies in a more hands-on advising / consulting capacity around marketing, strategy, and business development. I’m looking at a wide range from venture-backed startups to private equity to the Fortune 500. If my background might useful to your company, lets chat.

I’m also going to continue publishing a monthly newsletter called Predicting The Turn Insider that is focused on the intersection of brands and startups. You can sign up at the link below:

While I’m sad to leave the Rockfish family, I could not be more excited to explore what’s next. Needless to say, I will be starting even more days in coffee shops.

And yes, my headline did quote the late 90’s bar theme song Closing Time. Ian Schafer beat me to the punch of using On To The Next One.

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